How Do You Cut Glass Bottles?


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To cut a glass bottle, score a line where you want to cut, and heat the line with a flame. Then, dip the bottle in a bucket of cold water. Repeat the process until the bottle breaks along the line.

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Use a glass drill bit or a glass cutter to score a line around the bottle where you want the pieces to break, using a support system if you want a straight line. Use a small butane torch or a candle to focus heat along the score line for at least five minutes, rotating the bottle to equally cover the entire line. Immediately dip the bottle into a bucket or sink filled with cold or icy water. If the end does not break off, repeat the heating and cooling process to create more stress along the line.

Once the end snaps off, sand the edge of the piece you wish to use with a rough square of sandpaper. Once you remove the sharp shards, use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth the edge. An alternative cutting method involves scoring the bottle, pouring boiling water over the score line and then dipping the bottle in cold water. Use the bottom pieces of wine bottles as drinking glasses or pen holders, and use the tops to make light fixtures or candle covers.

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