How Do You Cut and Fray Jeans?

cut-fray-jeans Credit: Willowpix/E+/Getty Images

To create cut-off jean shorts, you simply need to mark the length, cut both legs evenly, and pull some threads from the edges. You need a washable marker, sharp scissors and a seam ripper.

  1. Mark your length

    Put on the jeans and mark the length you want with a washable marker. Have a friend help you, and make a corresponding mark on the back of the legs.

  2. Make the Cuts

    Remove the jeans and fold them in half lengthwise by lining up the inner and outer seams. Lay them on a flat surface and cut across the previous marks, cutting through both pant legs at the same time.

  3. Fray the Edges

    Using a seam ripper, pull and tug at the horizontal threads on the newly cut edges until you get the look you want. Wash and dry the jeans for a softer, more natural look.