How Do You Cut a Chain of Paper Dolls?

How Do You Cut a Chain of Paper Dolls?

How Do You Cut a Chain of Paper Dolls?

Paper doll chains are made by folding a piece of paper, drawing an outline of the dolls and cutting along the line. You will need paper, scissors and a pencil. Use any craft materials to decorate the dolls afterward, such as markers, ribbon and glue. Cutting out the paper doll chain can be completed in five minutes.

  1. Fold your paper

    Take your piece of paper and fold it width-wise repeatedly, like you would when making a paper fan. Folding as evenly as possible will ensure that the dolls are properly shaped when they are cut out.

  2. Draw the outline of your doll

    Once the paper is folded together, draw the outline of the doll you wish to cut out. You only need to draw half of the doll on the first flap since it's a repeating pattern. When you draw the outline of the doll, draw the arms and dresses so that it looks like the pattern would continue even off of the page. This is done so that the dolls remain connected when cut out.

  3. Cut out the outline

    Use scissors to cut around the outline you have made, and then unfold the paper. Your dolls are now ready for decoration.