How Do You Customize Your Own Penny Board?


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Several companies exist that specialize in building custom penny boards or customizing existing penny boards like Penny Skateboards and Board Shop UK. Companies like this allow clients to customize all the details of the board including the deck shape and size, wheels, bolts, trucks, and deck tape.

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Penny boards are a special type of skateboard that combines aspects of the traditional skateboard and a long board. Penny boards are typically constructed of plastic for a lighter build. Although plastic skateboards were first introduced in 1983, the smaller, lighter penny boards were introduced to the world by Australian Ben McKay in 2011. The plastic decks of penny boards typically come in bright or neon colors, making them very popular amongst kids, teenagers and young adults. Small and light but durable and responsive, penny boards are easy to carry around and sturdy enough to ride on a variety of surfaces.

The small, airy design of penny boards have made them popular at music festivals, concerts and parties. Meant to be rode barefoot, penny boards are also seen regularly at beaches. While penny boards are typically used as cruising-style skateboards, many riders have discovered how to do altered versions of classic skateboard tricks on them such as ollies, kick flips and slides.

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