How Do You Customize Metal Tags?


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To customize metal tags, cover a flat workspace with newspaper to prevent staining or scratching, and place the tag face up on the surface. Emboss metal stamp letters or images on the tag by placing them straight and hitting the stamp with a hammer until the letter or image is neatly embedded into the metal.

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How Do You Customize Metal Tags?
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Measure out the location for each letter or image, being careful not to overlap letters. Repeat the hammering process until the word, phrase or collection of images looks as desired. Keep the stamp straight to get the most clearly readable results. If desired, add color to the stamped areas using acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush. Use a damp paper towel to wipe the surface of the tag, removing the excess paint on the smooth areas.

Use rubber stamps with solvent ink if you do not wish to hammer the tag. Solvent ink, which dries quickly on slick surfaces, comes in various colors. Add any other embellishments you desire, such as rhinestones, charms or small stickers. Use an industrial-strength craft glue made for jewelry-making to secure the embellishments. Many of the materials needed to customize metal tags are found at craft stores or through online retailers.

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