What Are Some Custom Masonic Apron Ideas?


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The "all-seeing eye" hovering above a square and compass, or above a circle and compass, with a letter "G" straddling the square or circle is one custom Masonic apron idea. Any Masonic symbol is a potential idea for a custom Masonic apron, such as sheaves of corn, the Pythagorean Theorem, the Ark of the Covenant, any number to commemorate an anniversary, the Bible or a military affiliation.

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Other custom Masonic apron ideas include aprons bearing the name of a home lodge or a relevant Egyptian symbol, such as Osiris and the Eye of Horus. While leather is standard, leather-like materials and satin are possible from some makers of custom Masonic aprons.

Lauterer.com, CCMasonicDesigns.com and The-Craftsmans-Apron.Highwire.com are three such makers. The former two feature sets of pre-designed aprons that customers personalize, adding or removing text and opting for specific colors and symbols.

The-Craftsmans-Apron.Highwire.com is a maker of custom and bespoke Masonic aprons and states on its website that the company produces any specially ordered Masonic apron to any customer's specifications.

Each company offers custom Masonic aprons for a variety of ranks, such as lodge member, officer, master mason and past master mason. It is also possible to customize aprons by rite, such as York or Scottish. Most aprons come with cords or belts, but every other feature is customizable, such as hand-painted symbols, bullion embroidery, lambskin, cotton trim or all silk. Other ideas include square aprons, round aprons, metallic tassels and fringe.

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