How Do You Find the Current Value of Confederate Currency?

How Do You Find the Current Value of Confederate Currency? purchases Confederate paper money. They have descriptions of Confederate bills ranging from 50 cents to $1000, from various time periods. The website states that the current value of the Confederate bill depends on the condition of the bill. Sellers can send a scan or a digital photo of the bill to to find out the current market value.

The website for Heritage Auctions supplies the values of various Confederate bills. The site displays the value range of bills based on sales of the bills at the Heritage auctions. The condition of the bill is the ultimate decider of the value of the bill. The currency grading tutorial on helps users to grade bills.

It is also possible to buy Confederate money values booklets by Pierre Frickie on The book is an illustrated beginner's guide of the pricing of Confederate bills. Another way to find the current value of a Confederate bill is to check through the user forums and discussion groups on The forums provide insights from other collectors and sellers. allows site visitors to contact appraisers and find out the current value of Confederate bills. Previously appraised bills listed on the website aid in determining potential values.