How Do You Curl Ribbon?

How Do You Curl Ribbon?

Curl ribbon by curling it around a dowel or pencil, securing the ends of the ribbon, spraying the ribbon with starch and allowing it to dry. This takes only a few minutes. You need fabric ribbon, a wooden dowel, tape and spray starch.

  1. Test the ribbon

    Test a piece of the ribbon you want to use to make sure that the spray starch works on it. Once the starch has dried, see if the ribbon has stiffened sufficiently.

  2. Wrap the ribbon around a pencil

    Get a wooden dowel or pencil. Make sure that the object is large enough to give the curl the desired thickness. Wrap the ribbon around the wood. Make sure that no parts of the ribbon either overlap or touch other parts of the ribbon.

  3. Secure the ends of the ribbon

    Tape the ends of the ribbon to the pencil.

  4. Spray the ribbon with starch

    Thoroughly spray the ribbon with starch.

  5. Allow the ribbon to dry

    Place the ribbon in a location where it can dry in an upright position. Make sure the wet ribbon is not resting on a surface.

  6. Remove the ribbon from the pencil

    Once the ribbon has thoroughly dried, carefully slide the pencil out of the ribbon.