How Do You Cure Vampirism in Skyrim?


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There are only two ways to cure vampirism in The Elder Scrolls:Skyrim; you can become a werewolf or do the side quest Rising at Dawn. Vampirism is a curse not curable by a cure poison potion or a blessing from a temple.

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If the Companion faction quest line hasn't been finished yet, there is a part where the player drinks Aela's werewolf blood and is turned into a werewolf, curing the vampirism. The other way is to speak to the bartender at the inn in Morthal about rumors, and he will mention there is a priest named Falion who cures vampirism. Find him and he will send you to find a black soul gem and start the side quest: Rising at Dawn. Vampirism is cured after this quest, but you will still be susceptible to contracting the disease again unless you have become a werewolf.

Unlike being a vampire, becoming a werewolf doesn't have the drawbacks of having to drink blood every so often or the stamina regain loss during the daytime hours. However, after completing the DLC Dawnguard, being a vampire has some extra perks such as an entire new skill point tree and super strength when transformed into a vampire lord.

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