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Cryptogram Corner is a website that offers free daily cryptogram puzzles, as well as links to other websites that feature cryptograms. A cryptogram is a type of word puzzle containing an encrypted piece of text, generally a quote, which the player solves using a cipher to determine the original lettering of the phrase.

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Cryptogram Corner is a website started in 1996 that provides a daily free cryptogram at the top of the home page. This website also has archives containing each of its past interactive cryptograms, going back to May 2000. The website is owned by James Parsly, a cryptogram enthusiast who writes all the puzzles that appear on the site.

The site's daily cryptogram is printed within a starred box, with the letter frequencies located underneath. Just above the puzzle is a button marked "?clue?," which the player can click to reveal a clue. Beneath the puzzle is a list of blue numbers, ranging from one to 31. Players can click on any one of these numbers to access the puzzle from that day of the current month. Underneath this list is a drop-down menu containing links to the archives of past puzzles. The answer to the previous day's cryptogram is printed underneath the archive list and list of website personnel.

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