What Is Croquet?


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In the United States, croquet takes the form of a lawn sport; it requires between two and four players, who form two opposing teams, and hit balls through wire or metal rackets, assembled in an obstacle course layout, to score points and ultimately win. Croquet, like many sports, requires a specific set of equipment. Its core technical requirements are a large, flat playing square, typically 100 feet long by 50 feet wide, nine wicket and stake posts, four balls and one mallet for each player. The game requires hitting the balls with mallets through the posts; players receive points for hitting balls through in the correct order and direction, and the game finishes when a team reaches the final stake or uses up all of its bonus shots.

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What Is Croquet?
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Croquet comes in several variations around the world, but proves a popular leisure activity in the United States. The game stems from British origins, and enjoys popularity among men and women. Regardless of age or level of expertise, the game rules remain the same for all players. Players start at a designated stake, taking turns hitting their appointed ball through the remaining eight stakes using their mallets. As with other games, croquet players follow a set of rules, which includes penalties and bonuses. Players enjoy some flexibility in setting their own game rules, including playing until a set time limit rather than finishing the predetermined course.

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