How Do You Crochet Women's Slippers?


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One option for crocheting a woman's slipper begins with crocheting a circular pattern, then leaving an opening for the foot and continuing in back-and-forth rows to the back of the heel. All that is needed for this project is yarn, a crochet hook, a needle and optional decorations.

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To crochet a simple women's slipper:

  1. First, crochet five stitches and join to form a round. Then crochet 17 rows in the single-crochet stitch in a circular pattern, increasing the stitches in steady increments each round.
  3. After 17 rows have been crocheted, crochet 29 rows in double-crochet stitches, increasing in increments each round and leaving five of the single-crochet stitches unworked. This provides the top of the opening for the foot.
  4. Next, crochet even rows of double-crochet stitches until the slipper is the desired length. Then crochet an extra row of double-crochet stitches to provide a backing on the heel.
  5. After tying off the yarn, make a backing by folding the last row in half and butting the edges at the desired location on the edge of the slipper. The backing is sewn in place with a needle.
  7. Decorate the finished slipper as desired with buttons, embroidery, tassels or bows.
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