How Do You Crochet the Star Stitch Pattern?


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To crochet the star stitch pattern, chain the required number of stitches, form and pull through the required number of loops on the hook, and half double crochet in the final stitch. Use loops and half double crochet stitches in the second and third rows to form a star stitch pattern of the desired length.

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For the first row of the star stitch pattern, chain stitches in multiples of two plus three, depending on the number of stars required. For example, make 11, 25 or 153 chains to make three, 10 and 74 stars, respectively.

Push the hook through chain two and pull to make a loop. The hook should now have two loops. Repeat the process in the adjacent chains to form six loops. Yarn over, and pull through the loops.

Make one chain, insert into the chain space, and pull a loop. Form two more loops by inserting into the final star point's side and in the chain used to make the final star point. The hook should now have four loops. Make two more loops in the adjacent chains, yarn over and pull through the six loops.

Repeat from the one-chain step and continue until only one stitch remains. Half double crochet into this stitch by yarning over, inserting into the final chain, yarning over and pulling through three loops. Turn the pattern.

For the second row, chain two and half double crochet two in the star center points. Half double crochet one in the chain three space from the previous row, and turn.

For the third row, make three chains, form six loops as before, yarn over, and pull through the loops. Chain one, and repeat as for the first row. Turn, and repeat the second and third rows until the required length is attained.

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