How Do You Crochet a Scrubbie From Tulle?


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To crochet a scrubby from tulle, twist the tulle to turn into a yarn, use it to make five chain stitches, and form it into a circle. Then make the scrubby around this circle using single-crochet stitches. A single-crochet stitch alternating with a double-crochet stitch can also be used.

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After twisting the tulle into a yarn, make a slip knot at one end. Once the five chain stitches are made using the yarn and formed into a circle, close it with a slip stitch.

Then, around this circle create two single-crochet stitches. After the beginning is reached, start the next round by crocheting one single-crochet stitch in the first stitch of the earlier row. In the subsequent stitch of the previous row, make two single-crochet stitches. Proceed in this manner till the scrubby attains the desired size.

Alternatively, take the first stitch from the 10 single-crochet stitches created, and crochet a single-crochet stitch in it. Crochet a double-crochet stitch in the adjacent one. Continue alternating the single and double-crochet stitches in this manner till the beginning is reached. End the pattern with a single-crochet stitch. Then make one chain stitch, flip the scrubby and crochet as for the last row. Continue in this manner until the scrubby reaches the desired size.

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