How Do You Crochet a Prayer Shawl?


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To crochet a prayer shawl, use an adjustable ring to make the required number of chain and double crochet stitches. Use a combination of chain and double crochet stitches in the subsequent rows. Crochet until the pattern attains the desired size, and finish.

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To make a prayer shawl, use weight 4 variegated yarn comprised of three colors. Choose between acrylic, cotton, wool and bamboo and silk blend yarns for the project. Avoid yarns of mohair and eyelash, as these are fuzzy.

Begin crocheting by making three chain and two double crochet stitches into an adjustable ring using a J hook. Make two more chains to create the point of the triangle, and double crochet three in the ring. Make the ring tight, form three chains, and turn the pattern.

For the second row, make double crochet stitches in all the stitches of the first row till the point. Now, double crochet two in the space of the second chain, make two chains, and again double crochet two in the space of the second chain. Double crochet in all the stitches till the row's end, make three chains, and turn the pattern.

Repeat the stitch pattern of the second row till the triangle attains the required size. To finish the prayer shawl, sew the ends using a tapestry or blunt needle. If desired, attach three pompoms to the triangle's points using a square knot, and a shawl pin to fasten the shawl.

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