How Do You Crochet Pot Scrubbers?

How Do You Crochet Pot Scrubbers?

To crochet pot scrubbers, prepare a long strip from a 4-yard tulle fabric to use as the yarn for crocheting, chain the required number of stitches on the crochet needle with it, and use a combination of double crochet and slip stitches to form two circle-shaped patterns. Finally, join the two circles at their centers.

To prepare yarn from the tulle fabric, cut it into strips measuring 3 inches in width, and sew their ends together. Make a ball out of the long tulle strip.

Begin crocheting by making five loose chain stitches on a crochet needle of size N. Then, make a slip stitch in chain one to form a small circle. Make three more chain stitches, and double crochet 11 stitches in the circle. Using a slip stitch, join the third chain and final double crochet stitches,

Now, make three chains and one double crochet in a single stitch. Make two double crochets in all the stitches around the ring. Join the final double crochet and the third chain using a slip stitch.

To finish the pattern, snip the strip leaving a tail of 3 inches, yarn over, and pull the yarn via the loop. Weave the tail into the pattern using a yarn needle.

Repeat the process to make another circle-shaped pattern. Position one circle over the other, and sew the two circles together at their centers using a thread of a matching color.