What Is a Crochet Popcorn Stitch Afghan?


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A popcorn-stitch afghan is a crocheted blanket that includes a stitch that creates a bump on the surface of the afghan. A crochet pattern abbreviates the term popcorn stitch to pop or pc. Some people who crochet use a bobble stitch, puff stitch or cluster stitch to create this texture instead, but all of these stitches use slightly different techniques to create the bumpy surface of the afghan.

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Most popcorn-stitch afghans use this stitch as a way to highlight the overall pattern of the afghan. Ripple afghans, lace-stitch afghans and granny square afghans are only a few of the afghan types that may contain a popcorn stitch.

To complete a front popcorn stitch, add five double crochet stitches into the top of a single stitch. Drop the loop from the crochet hook, and then pick up the front tops of the first two double crochet stitches with the hook. Grab the loop dropped previously, and draw the loop through the first two crochet stitches to finish the stitch. The stitches should create a bubble shape on the front of the afghan.

To create a back popcorn stitch, use the same technique as a front popcorn stitch, but grab the first two double crochet stitches from back to front using the crochet hook. A finished stitch creates a depression in the front of the afghan and a bump on the backside of the afghan.

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