What Are Some Free Crochet Patterns for Air Fresheners?


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The most common free crochet patterns for air fresheners are dress patterns for air freshener dolls, including familiar figures like Mrs. Claus, Alice in Wonderland and Pocahontas. Other free crochet patterns have shapes of fairies, babies, angels and grannies. Some free patterns, such as those for turkeys, snowmen and Easter rabbits, are only offered during specific holiday seasons.

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Most free crochet patterns for air fresheners require the purchase of an air freshener doll torso that can be fitted over the cone of a pop-up air freshener. These doll torsos are typically inexpensive and available for purchase at many craft stores.

The disadvantage of traditional crocheted air freshener covers is that they do not accommodate the wide variety of air freshener products currently available, including diffusers, scented crystals and oils.

Japanese crocheted figures known as "amigurumi" have recently become popular in the United States, and new designs have just begun to emerge as air freshener covers. These often take the form of anthropomorphic animals or pop culture items like cupcakes and zombies. Amigurumi figures can be crocheted with scented yarn, drizzled with scented oil, fitted around an existing air freshener or filled with scented crystals. While there are many free amigurumi patterns available on the Internet, there are few that are specifically designed to be air freshener covers.

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