How Do You Crochet Nylon Scrubbies ?

How Do You Crochet Nylon Scrubbies ?

To crochet nylon scrubbies, fold the nylon net in half and cut 2-inch-thick strips along the length of the fabric. Tie the pieces of fabric together end to end with a slip knot and roll them into a ball. Use an I hook to crochet the fabric.

Make three chain stitches into the ball starting after a tail that is approximately 3/4 inch long. Use a slip stitch to connect to the first stitch to make a small ring in the fabric. In the ring that was formed, work 12 double crochets, and again end with a slip stitch that connects to the first.

Next, do two double crochets into each stitch until you reach the third strip of fabric, or the second knot, and end the row by using a slip stitch to connect to the first stitch. After the second knot, do two single crochets in each stitch until the third knot, again ending with a slip stitch connected to the first stitch. Repeat until there is one knot left outside of the scrubby.

Using the last piece of fabric, make a single crochet, followed by another single crochet, and then skip a stitch. Repeat this pattern until the top of the scrubby is closed, and make sure to leave a tail.

Using the crochet hook, pull the tail from the beginning up through the center of the scrubby and tie the two tails together. Use the crochet hook to put the two tied tails into the center of the scrubby.