How Do You Crochet Leg Warmers?


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To crochet leg warmers, make a chain long enough to go around the widest part of your calf, slip stitch it closed, then double-crochet 28 sections that are three chains wide. You need two to three skeins of yarn, a 6-millimeter crochet hook, a darning needle and scissors.

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  1. Crochet the first chain

    Hold the hook in your right hand. Make a slip knot onto your hook so that the end connected to the skein, or the working end, is the portion that can slide. This knot does not count as a stitch. The working end of the yarn should be in your left hand, with the knot under the hook. Make 35 chain stitches for a calf that is 14 inches around at the widest part. If your calf is wider, add loops until it fits properly

  2. Close the first chain

    Make sure the first chain is not twisted. Then use a slip stitch to connect the end of your chain to the beginning. Make three stitches.

  3. Double crochet the first row

    Double crochet the three stitches you just made to the first stitch of the first chain. Continue around the first chain until you reach the end. Count the stitches, including the first one, to make sure that you have the proper number. Join the end of the first row to the beginning with a slip stitch and make three new stitches.

  4. Double-crochet the rest of the leg warmer

    Double-crochet the new stitches to the first row, being careful to avoid crocheting into your slip stitch. Make 28 rows of double-crocheting.

  5. Finish leg warmer

    Once you've slip stitched the last row closed, cut the working end and pull it through the loop. Then use a darning needle to sew the tails of the yarn into the leg warmer.

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