How Do You Crochet a Hexagon Square?

How Do You Crochet a Hexagon Square?

The hexagon square requires three different stitches in order to complete the pattern. The crochet pattern's stitches include the double crochet, the slip stitch and the chain stitch.

  1. Make a magic circle

    To make a magic circle, wrap the yarn around your fingers. The working yarn should be on the right, and the tail should be on the left. Insert the hook in the circle, and pull one of the loops. Then, chain one stitch. Work the single crochet into the remaining ring. Single crochet the circle until the desired amount. Pull the tail of the yarn to close it. Slip the stitch into the first stitch to join it.

  2. Crochet around the circle

    Once you complete the magic circle, start the hexagon by crocheting two chain stitches followed by a double crochet stitch. Then, do a chain stitch followed by two double crochet stitches. Continue this until there are six double-crochet stitches separated by two chain stitches. Pull the yarn to close the circle, and then use the hook to start at the beginning of the circle.

  3. Build the hexagon

    Start the hexagon by beginning with a chain three stitch followed by one double crochet stitch.

  4. Make the corners

    This has created the space for the corner. Create a double crochet followed by two chain stitches, and then back to the double crochet. This leads to the next corner. Continue around until you make one full rotation. Then, finish the ends with slip stitches. Do this step four times. Once finished, use a slip stitch to complete the hexagon.