How Do You Crochet Headbands for Babies?

Crochet a simple chain long enough to go around the baby's head, and add two rows of half double-crochet stitches. Add a crocheted flower or other decoration to personalize the headband and match your baby's outfits.

  1. Purchase supplies

    Purchase a small crochet hook, a G or H preferably, depending on how tightly you typically crochet. Purchase a skein of baby-weight yarn in desired colors. You also need a yarn needle, scissors and a measuring tape.

  2. Measure baby's head

    Wrap the measuring tape carefully around the baby's head where the headband will sit. If the baby is not available, realize that most newborn babies have a head circumference of approximately 13 to 14 inches. Keep in mind that the headband will stretch, so exact measurements are not necessary.

  3. Chain stitch the foundation and form into a circle

    Chain stitch until you have a row of stitches the desired length. Measure the chain with your measuring tape. When long enough, slip stitch the final chain into the first chain stitch to form the chain into a circle.

  4. Add additional rows

    Crochet half double-crochet stitches into each chain stitch. When you reach the end/beginning of the row, slip stitch to join. Chain three, and turn the headband so the chain stitches are at the top of your work. Stitch another row of half double-crochet stitches into each of the chain stitches. Slip stitch to join the final stitch of that row into the first stitch of that row.

  5. Finish the headband

    Finish off the slip stitch, and weave in all loose ends with yard needle. Attach crocheted flower or purchased decorations. Attach firmly, and weave in all loose yarn ends.