How Do You Crochet an Easy Granny Square?


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To crochet an easy granny square, chain five stitches and join the ends to form a circle. Use a combination of chain and double crochet stitches to crochet three rows to form the squares around the circle.

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Use lightweight or bulky yarns for the granny square, along with 4.5 millimeters or size E and 6.5 millimeters or size K crochet hooks, respectively.

To crochet the granny square, make a loop around the crochet hook with the yarn and chain five. Slip stitch the first chain with the loop to make the circle.

For the first row, chain three and double crochet two in the circle. Then, make three double crochets and two chains. Repeat twice to form four double crochet groups separated by a single chain. Slip stitch the last chain to the third one to create a square.

For the second row, chain three and turn the piece. Make two double crochets, two chains and three double crochets in the opening of chain two in the first row. Make two chains. In the next opening of the chain two, alternate three double crochets and two chains twice. Repeat in the other two chain two openings. Slip stitch to the first stitch of the chain three.

For the third row, again chain three and turn. Crochet as for the second row, using the chains and openings in row two. After joining the ends with a slip stitch, snip the yarn, insert into the last slip stitch, and weave.

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