How Do You Crochet Doilies?

How Do You Crochet Doilies?

To crochet doilies, begin with a slip stitch, make the required number of chains on the crochet needle, and form it into a center circle. Use single crochets to make the rounds of the doily. Continue crocheting until the doily achieves the desired size.

Use a plastic or steel crochet needle of size 10 for crocheting a doily along with a thick yarn or a thinner crochet thread. Crochet threads give the doily a lace-like appearance. Opt for a steel needle if one's grip over the crochet needle is firm.

To make the first slip stitch on the needle, make a loop by bringing the crochet thread's tail and thread together, pull the thread via the loop, push in the needle under this thread, and tug the tail. This should allow the stitch to sit tightly on the needle.

Use a doily pattern to know how many chains to make. To make the center circle, secure the chains made to the first stitch. To do this, slide the needle via the first chain, yarn over, and tug the yarn through.

After making the first single crochet round, connect the final stitch to the first one to finish the first round. To do this, insert the needle via the first stitch, yarn over, and tug the yarn through. Complete as many rounds as required in this manner until the doily attains the required size.