How Do You Crochet a Bracelet With Your Fingers?


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Loop and knot string, leather lacing or even rope around your index finger to crochet a bracelet with only your hands.

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  1. Gather supplies

    The only supplies needed are your hands and string to make the bracelet. Leather lacing, rope and even fabric scraps can be used to crochet.

  2. Make a slip knot

    At one end of the string, form a loop, and pull the longer end through the loop as a loop. Tighten the slip knot by pulling the loop while holding the ends of the string. Place the loop around your index finger, and tug on the longer string to tighten the loop around the finger.

  3. Crochet the bracelet

    Hold the short end of the string between the thumb and the middle finger. Wrap the long end of the string over the index finger and above the loop. Now hold the long string between the thumb and middle finder and gently remove the loop of the slip knot off the finger and over the new loop, which remains on the finger. Tighten the new loop on the finger with the longer string. The new loop becomes the bottom loop. Repeat the process of creating a new loop by wrapping the long end of the string over and around the finger. Take the bottom loop over the new loop and off the finger. Repeat these steps until the desired length is reached.

  4. Finish the bracelet

    Once completed, carefully remove the last loop from the finger. Thread the long end of the string through the loop, and tighten to form a knot.

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