How do you crochet bear ears?


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Crocheted bear ears for the top of hats can be made by crocheting in three rounds. The ears should be made in a contrasting color to the hat and can be created by varying rounds of single and double stitches.

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Bear ear hats are popular among babies and adults alike; these hats are a typical hat pattern with simple ears attached to the top.

A crochet bear ear hat can be made by gathering two types of yarn. The colors should match, but should contrast to allow the ears to stand out from the rest of the hat. The hat part can be made by starting with a small round crochet circle. The hat will work in a spiral pattern with variations of double and single stitches. For a tightly woven hat, no stitches should be skipped and the hat should continue to get bigger the more that it goes around. When the top of the hat is created, it should be roughly the same size as the top of the head. Stitches can be added to create the sides of the hat and these stitches will allow the hat to fit snugly on the head. The ears of the hat can be attached to the top by using a yarn needle.

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