How Do You Crochet a Bath Puff?


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To crochet a bath puff, or pouf, one must first crochet the strap using a simple chain stitch, then make the body through a series of double crochets and then finish it with a slip stitch in the second stitch to fix on to the strap. When crocheting a bath puff, crafters need two balls of cotton yarn, a 6.5 millimeter crochet hook, yarn needle, scissors and a marker.

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Crafters can choose any two colors of at least double-knit yarn. To get extra texture, use textured wool. To make the strap, crafters need to make a row of 30 chain "knots," using a slip stitch in the first chain to form the loop. Then, to begin the body, slip stitch the third chain so as to form a smaller loop. In the first round of the body, one must double crochet 30 times inside the smaller loop, placing a marker at the end. The next steps to forming the body are to double crochet each double crochet six times as the ball goes around. This is what makes the ball multilayered and it should begin to take shape. Once this is done, slip stitch the second stitch and then weave in the ends.

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