How do you crochet a basic potholder?


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According to Mom's Crochet, a basic potholder is a good beginning crochet project. It uses single crochet and can be made in colors to match kitchen decor.

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How do you crochet a basic potholder?
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The first step is to select two balls of worsted four-ply crochet cotton that are 2 ounces each. The completed potholder is more attractive if two different colors are chosen. Using a size I/9 crochet hook produces a potholder that is approximately 8 ½ inches square.

Begin by making a 31-stitch single crochet chain with the color meant for the inside of the potholder. Turn and put a single crochet in the second top loop of the chain. Continue across for a total of 30 single crochets into the chain. Next, chain one stitch and turn. Single crochet in both loops at the top of each stitch for a total of 30 stitches back across. Continue to single crochet back and forth in this manner until you complete 30 rows. Cut the end yarn a few inches from the finished piece. Put it back through the last loop and pull it tightly into a knot.

Repeat this process using the other color, but do not cut the end yarn; it is used to fasten the two parts of the potholder together. Align the two potholder pieces together so one has the rows going up and down and the other has the rows going side to side. This squares up the potholder and provides extra thickness and protection from heat.

Carefully place the corners of the two pieces together and single crochet through both pieces at the same time. Single crochet 30 stitches to the first corner, single crochet two more stitches in the corner to make the turn, then single crochet 29 stitches down the next side. Repeat until all sides are attached.

To make a hanging loop, single crochet six stitches at the ending corner of the finished piece and connect with a slip stitch or a simple knot.

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