What Are Some Free Crochet Barbie Patterns?


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Free crochet patterns are available for Barbie doll clothes and accessories such as evening gowns, sweaters, bikinis and purses. Free crochet patterns are also available for Barbie furniture.

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Several websites offer free downloadable crochet patterns for Barbie clothes and accessories. Barbie Basics contains original patterns created by Lynne Spears, a knitter and crochet artist whose patterns are referenced on other sites. Barbie Basics includes patterns for Barbie dresses, hats, shorts and halter tops, as well as business suits, jackets and pants, among other items.

Allcrafts.net features more than 50 Barbie crochet patterns, including dresses reflecting different historical periods, including the 1890s, 1920s and 1970s. It also offers outfits for special occasions such as weddings, parties and vacations. The site also features crochet patterns for Ken dolls.

Free crochet patterns for Barbie furniture can be found at thriftyfun.com. The site includes patterns for making bedroom furniture such as beds, dressers and nightstands; living room furniture such as couches, coffee tables and rugs; and kitchen furniture such as tables, hutches, stoves and refrigerators.

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