How Do You Crochet a Bag?

How Do You Crochet a Bag?

To crochet a bag, start with a crochet chain, join it into a loop and single crochet all the way around until you have a tube. To complete the bag, crochet the closure, bottom and patches to attach the handle, and assemble the bag with whip stitches.

  1. Crochet the chain

    Start with a slip knot. After completing the slip knot, crochet 61 chain stitches.

  2. Crochet the first row

    Turn the chain. Starting in the second chain, crochet 60 single stitches all the way across until you reach the end.

  3. Close the chain

    Join the single stitch chain by crocheting a slip stitch in the first chain to create a loop.

  4. Make the tube

    Crochet a single stitch in the first single stitch you created, working in the same direction. Keep crocheting single stitches, working around the tube instead of turning. Crochet until the tube measures 6 inches tall.

  5. Start the closure

    Crochet two chains, and turn. Crochet a single stitch in the second stitch. Crochet nine more single stitches for a total of 10.

  6. Continue the closure

    Crochet two chains, and turn. Crochet a single stitch in the second single crochet over. Crochet single stitches all the way across the row. Crochet two chains, turn and repeat the row.

  7. Begin decreasing

    Crochet two chains, and turn. Start in the third stitch over, and crochet seven single stitches across the row for a total of eight. Chain two, turn and repeat the row two more times across. Keep decreasing by two stitches each time.

  8. Finish the closure

    When you are down to four stitches, crochet a chain of 10. Slip stitch the chain on the other side to create a loop. Make a tailor's knot to finish.

  9. Make patches for the handles

    Crochet a chain of 10. In the second chain over, crochet a single stitch, and continue all the way across. Chain two, turn, and repeat for three more rows. Knot off. Make a second patch the same way.

  10. Crochet the bottom

    Crochet a chain of 15. Turn, and in the second chain over start a row of single stitches. Single stitch across, chain two, and turn. Continue this process until the piece measures 6 inches tall.

  11. Add the handles

    To attach the handle, whip stitch one patch near the top inside corner of the bag. Place the base of a plastic handle between the patch and the body, and whip stitch the patch over it. Repeat on the other side.

  12. Assemble the bag

    Whip stitch the bottom to the bottom edge of the bag. Turn the bag inside out, and complete the whip stitch to attach the bottom. Turn the bag right side out again, and attach a button to the front.