Who Is Crobat on the Serebii Website?


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Crobat is Pokémon #169 in the generation VI Pokedex on the Serebii website. It is considered a bat Pokémon and is of the type flying/poison.

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Crobat is the final evolution of the Zubat evolutionary line. To get a Crobat, one must first catch and evolve a Zubat to Golbat at level 22. Golbat will then evolve to Crobat when its happiness level reaches 220. Even though it is considered a flying/poison type, Crobat is able to learn a variety of other move types, such as ghost, bug and ice types. Its innate ability "Inner Focus" prevents it from flinching and its hidden ability "Infiltrator" enables it to ignore several stat buffs when used by an enemy Pokémon.

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