What Are Creative Ways to Use an Ice Mold?


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Some creative ways to use an ice cube tray include using the tray as a jewelry organizer, craft supply organizer or paint palette. Alternatively, the tray can serve to freeze leftover wine, cookie dough or unused buttermilk.

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Additional ideas for using plastic or silicone ice cube trays include making frozen coffee cubes for use in iced coffee or freezing homemade baby food in perfectly sized portions. Make miniature fruit popsicles by freezing small pieces of fruit with fruit juice in ice cube trays. Preserve fresh herbs by freezing them in olive oil. Make Jell-O shots, sushi or chocolate covered strawberries in ice trays. Freeze soup stock, tomato sauce or pesto in ice trays, and then store the frozen cubes in plastic bags in the freezer for later use. Freeze kale, spinach and other vegetables to use in smoothies.

Use silicone ice trays (not plastic because it melts in the oven) to make crayons out of broken pieces of crayon by first peeling off paper labels, tossing a few broken pieces of crayon together in each ice tray slot and baking them for a few minutes. Make seed starters out of ice cube trays by first drilling a hole in the bottom of each slot for drainage and planting seeds in the ice tray compartments according to the package instructions. DIYnCrafts.com provides a link for directions to make dishwasher detergent cubes using ice cube trays. Make garbage disposal cleansers by freezing vinegar and lemon wedges together in the ice cube trays, storing the cubes in plastic baggies in the freezer, and plopping one or two in the disposal when needed.

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