What Are Some Creative Uses for Styrofoam Sheets?


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Halloween tombstones and homemade crunch art are two creative uses for Styrofoam sheets. The tombstones are an easy, affordable way to add a creative Halloween display to your yard, while the crunch art is a year-round indoor craft project suitable for toddlers, teens and the young at heart.

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To make foam Halloween tombstones, use a marker to sketch an outline for two tombstones on a 2-inch-thick Styrofoam sheet measuring 12 by 36 inches. The lid to a 5-gallon bucket works well as a template for the round top. Using a serrated bread knife, cut the foam, keeping the blade perpendicular. Sketch out a design on the tombstone, such as a cross or a funny saying. With a serrated paring knife, carve the design at a depth of about 1/2 inch.

To complete the look, paint the tombstone with black spray paint, let dry, and then apply several thin coats of dark gray paint to make the foam look like granite. To place in the yard, insert bamboo skewers into the foam.

Homemade crunch art consists of 2-inch cotton fabric squares punched into Styrofoam to create three-dimensional art. On a 1-inch-thick Styrofoam sheet, place a piece of carbon paper, waxy side down, with a design sketched on top of it with a pen. Using a bamboo skewer or sharpened pencil, crunch the fabric into the foam to fill in the design. Trim any excess fabric with scissors to help shape the design. For best results, vary the color and size of the fabric squares.

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