What Are Some Creative Uses for PVC Pipes?


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Some creative uses for PVC piping include desktop organizing cups, a towel drying rack, toothbrush holders, frames for photos and posters, and a soccer goal frame. Other creative uses for PVC pipe include making a set of bowling pins, crafting flower vases, building vertical strawberry planters, creating a fort and making a sprinkler.

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Build a fort and hang out spot suitable for kids or adults out of PVC by first sketching out a design that incorporates all of the intended features of the fort, including estimates of the required lengths of PVC pipe for the project. When refining the design, plan out which kinds of PVC connectors are required to assemble the fort. Purchase enough PVC pipe and connectors to build the fort, and cut them to the appropriate lengths required by the design. Assemble the structure of the fort, and use lightweight materials, such as canvas, fabric, cardboard and plastic, to cover the walls and ceiling of the structure.

Simple organizing cups are made by cutting PVC pipe of various diameters to approximately 4 inches in length. Cut one end of the 4-inch lengths of PVC pipe at an angle to create a more interesting shape. End caps or cardboard attached to the flat side of the cut lengths of PVC to create a flat and enclosed base for the organizers.

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