What Are Some Creative Uses for Old Wooden Crates?


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Vintage wooden crates are great to use around the house because they add a distinctive rustic look whether you're using them as storage in a garage, as a bike rack or upcycling them into shelves, tables or other household items. Old crates are perennially popular in home decor because they have so many uses.

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Because wooden crates were originally designed as storage, the most popular creative uses continue with this trend. Cleaned and hung on the wall, they can be filled with books, yarn or other items that need to be stored. For more storage, instead of hanging them individually on the wall, they can be stacked to create a complete shelving unit. This looks especially good for mud room shoe storage. Turned upside down, a hole cut in a wooden crate can accommodate a dog or cat food dish or even a sink when installed in place of a vanity.

A more unusual way to reuse an old wooden crate involves turning it into an end table or coffee table. By attaching short legs on the bottom to raise it up and covering it with a piece of clear acrylic sized to fit, you create a table that not only has a lot of visual interest of its own but also acts as a gallery to display books, small knick knacks and other items inside. If more seating is needed instead, covering it with an upholstered piece of MDF turns it into a comfortable stool.

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