What Are Some Creative Uses of Hanging Hooks?


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Hooks can be used to organize jewelry, display children's art, and hang party decorations and bunting without damaging the furniture and walls. Hooks can also be used to decorate windows, hang a wreath or even start an indoor vertical herb garden.

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Hooks stuck on a corkboard or along the sides of shelves can be used to hang chains, earrings and bracelets. The hooks can be painted glittery or golden for a better look. A few rods with some shower curtain rings held between hooks can display children's artwork on the side of a fridge. This looks neat and the papers don't fall off. Hooks attached on the top of the door frame can hold banners, streamers or bunting.

One can attach strong hooks above a window, and hang glass jars holding fresh flowers from them to improve the look of the window. A wreath can be held in place using a ribbon attached to an upside down hook behind the door. Hooks can also be used as planters for an indoor herb garden. The herb in its container is put in a separate container mounted on a hook. This way, removing the herb for watering or for giving it sunlight is quite easy.

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