What Are Some Creative Uses for Hanging Closet Rods?


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A couple ideas for using tension closet rods are hanging one under the sink for extra storage space and hanging window planters on them. Another idea is to use them for hanging holiday decorations.

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A tension rod placed under the sink adds a new element of storage space. Hang spray bottles and other cleaning items from it to keep the area more organized. Hang a tension rod in front of a window, and then hang some planters from it. This helps plants get direct sunlight and makes for an attractive window decoration.

The benefit of using tension rods for holiday decorations is that they are easily dismantled. Hang buntings from them or wrap garland and string lights around them.

Another idea for tension rods is to use them in front of rooms without doors, wall niches, or shelves, and hang curtains from them for storage space concealment. Give a bookcase a new look by hanging a tension bar with a short curtain in front of a couple shelves. Create a high-heel storage space by placing a row of tension rods in a wall niche. Tension rods are also used as storage for craft supplies, such as ribbon rolls, tape and wrapping paper.

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