What Creative Things Can You Do With Rooster Feathers?


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Some creative things you can do with rooster feathers include making ornaments, creating home and fashion accessories, and decorating hats. There are various techniques used to shape and color feathers to create a specific aesthetic. It is recommended that feathers obtained directly from a bird, rather than a store, are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before they are used.

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Supplies needed to make a rooster feather wrap necklace include feathers, jewelry chain, jump rings, a squeeze clamp finding and pliers. First remove the bottom fuzz from each feather you want to use. Then, place the bare quill in the middle of a squeeze clamp and, using the pliers, squeeze it closed. Cut off the overhanging quill. Repeat this on every feather you want to use in your necklace.

Next, measure and cut the jewelry chain to the desired length, and attach a jump ring to each end of the chain. Lastly, attach the crimped feathers to the jump rings.

Tips for shaping rooster feathers include using a curling iron to create a tight curl, clipping them with scissors, applying bleach to "burn" sections of the feather away, and stripping them by pulling vanes away from the main shaft. Markers are used to alter the color of light-colored feathers.

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