What Are Some Creative Ideas for Paper-Mache Sculptures?


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Some creative ideas for paper-mache sculptures are using a cup, a ball of plastic bags, a chair, a box, ice cream cones or a shape made with play dough as foundations for a sculpture. Paper-mache sculptures can be inspired by modern art or indigenous crafts.

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There are three basic ways to make paper-mache. The first is to make water and flour into a creamy paste. The second way is making a solution with wallpaper paste and water. The third recipe is mixing white glue with warm water. Pieces of newspaper are then dipped into any of these pastes and pasted one onto another to create a sculpture.

Paper-mache projects involve drawing a sketch, applying layers of paper and finishing with a thick brown paper layer. Then a project is left to dry to be painted and decorated.

A small chair or stool can be used as a structural foundation for a sculpture. A heart-shaped box can be made with play dough and paper-mache applied over it. A small box can become a body of a human or animal figure, as well as a podium for a sculpture. Plastic bags can be gathered together and covered with paper-mache to create a pumpkin. A paper-mache hat or shoe can be made in the style of a modern artist or in the style of ethnic art.

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