What Are Some Creative Ideas for Making Scrapbook Captions?

What Are Some Creative Ideas for Making Scrapbook Captions?

Items such as stickers, stamps and ticket stubs can act as creative scrapbook captions. Poems and quotes may complement a series of photographs, while names, places and dates can be written in cursive script or calligraphy for a unique look.

Sticker captions near photographs offer a fresh look to a scrapbook page. Pre-made caption stickers can be matched with photographs to create witty or heartfelt captions. Printing companies can make stickers to order for a more personal touch.

Ink stamps with phrases such as "Merry Christmas" are a fun way of marking an event in a scrapbook. Individual letter and number stamps allow for more flexibility in writing captions.

Ticket stubs are great mementos of events, as they often include dates and times along with the event or location's name. A ticket stub from a concert makes a wonderful caption for a page of photographs from the event.

A poem or quote that relates to a set of photographs can be used as an amusing caption. For example, lyrics from the song "New York, New York" could be placed next to pictures from a trip to New York. To personalize the caption more, try printing it on a different type of paper or card and mounting it in the scrapbook.

Captions may contain useful information such as names, dates and places. Try using different fonts for different events, such as writing in cursive script underneath wedding photographs or printing captions for a child's birthday party.