How Do You Create a Word List for Pictionary?

Create a word list for Pictionary by writing down a series of different words, phrases, celebrities or pop culture icons on multiple sheets of paper. Alternately, use a Pictionary word generator tool such as those found on, and, as of 2015.

The game of Pictionary involves one player choosing a topic from a list and attempting to draw an image or series of images that represents the topic. The other players must guess the topic from the drawings within a time limit. The list of topics may focus on nearly any elements, with common topics, including simple words such as nouns or verbs, as these are relatively easy to convey via pictures. When creating a list of such words, adjust the difficulty to the skill level and familiarity of the people playing to ensure the most fun.

Other common topics may include pop culture items such as celebrities, song titles, movies or television shows. The Pictionary list tool on offers options for such categories, as well as words according to difficulty level. When using an online tool, write down the words onto sheets of paper and keep them hidden from the other players. To avoid exposing players to all the words when playing, make multiple lists with only a few words on them.