How Do You Create a Warrior Cat on "Create a Cat"?


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Create a warrior cat using the "Create a Cat" generator by following the onscreen instructions and clicking to select your cat's physical attributes and accessories. "Create a Cat" is available on DollDivine.com, as of 2015.

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"Create a Cat" allows users to create their own warrior cat character by combining a variety of pre-programmed templates and colors. The creation of the character involves navigating through different sections, such as body types, colors, markings and details. Users may select attributes from any of these sections in any order.

The first section in the "Create a Cat" generator allows users to select a body type for their cat. Customize the length of the cat's fur, whiskers and tail by clicking on the long, short or medium options for these attributes. In the colors and markings section, select from a variety of colors and patterns to mark the cat's fur. Available fur patterns include spots, stripes and separately colored feet. You may also choose to leave your cat's coat as a single solid color.

After choosing the basic body shape and color of your cat, select details such as scars, facial markings, eye color and collar design. Once you have finished designing your cat, click the finished button to take a screen capture of the design.

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