How Do You Create a Wanted Poster?


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The easiest and fastest way to create a "wanted" poster is through a free website that allows you to add a photo and custom text to a standard "wanted" poster that they have already created.

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There are several free websites, apps, and photo softwares that you can use to create a "wanted" poster. Whether it's a fun activity for family game night, a prank on your best friend, or just for your own amusement, creating a fake "wanted" poster can be very entertaining. Classic western movies immortalized the image of an outlaw's face plastered all over town with big blank WANTED letters dauntingly hanging over their heads. Now, you too can share in the fun by using one of any number of free services to create your own wanted poster. One of the most popular websites, Mobilefish, allows users to upload their own photos to their formatted poster; the photos even acquire a sepia tint. Then you have the option to add custom text, write in your own reward amount and literally invent your own criminal history. Will you be the unsung hero with a troubled past, or go the more traditional route of a bandit on the run? The choice is yours with this incredible website.

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