How Do You Create a Vision Board?


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To create a vision board, write down your goals, gather photos and phrases that inspire you, glue the materials onto the board, and place it where you can see it often. Give yourself at least one minute a day to look at the board and reflect on your goals.

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  1. Write down your goals

    Grab a piece of paper, and write specific goals that you envision for yourself in every aspect of your life, including your career, love life, marriage, education, health and finances.

  2. Gather images and phrases that inspire you

    Search magazines and websites for inspiring images and phrases that reflect the goals that your wrote down. Cut the images out of the magazines or print them off the computer, and arrange them on the board, with the most important piece in the center.

  3. Glue your materials onto the board

    Carefully glue the materials onto the board, and add in any additional writing using markers or paint.

  4. Place your board in an area where you can see it often

    Put your board in a spot in your house that you see often. Set aside at least one minute a day to reflect on your goals while maintaining a feeling of gratitude.

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