How Do You Create a Toy Hammock?

How Do You Create a Toy Hammock?

A toy hammock, often used to keep toys neat and tidy, can be created with stretch fabric. The fabric is sewn in a triangle shape to form a hammock, then hung in the corner of the room. You need stretch fabric, thread of matching color, craft cord to make the hammock, and three hooks to hang it with.

  1. Cut the fabric

    Take two yards of fabric. The fabric must be 60 inches in width. Spread out the fabric to single thickness. Fold the fabric to make the two edges meet. This will create a triangle. Cut and discard any excess fabric. Now, cut the fold of the triangle edge.

  2. Trim the corner

    Trim each corner, leaving 2 inches across the corner. Ensure that 1/4 inch of fabric is retained at each corner so that the raw edge of the fabric can be enclosed.

  3. Stitch the corners

    Stitch all the corners; hold the fabric down firmly as you stitch.

  4. Insert the cord

    Fold the fabric 1/2 inch inwards. Fold another 1/2 inch of fabric over the first fold. Place the craft cord into the fold. Stitch the folded edge. Ensure that the cord is not stitched over as you stitch the edge. Leave 2 inches of craft cord at each corner to make the loops.

  5. Create the loops

    To make the loops, knot the ends of the craft cord, then knot again. Cut off excess cord. Pull the cord into the seams by tugging at it from another corner. Knot the cord at each end of the fabric.

  6. Sew the corners

    Stitch the fabric at each corner. Sew over the corners to stitch it in place.

  7. Hang the hammock

    Fix the hooks on the wall. Slip each loop through a hook to hang the toy hammock.