How Do You Create a Teleportation Spell?


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Many magic-based games have teleportation spells, but to cast a teleportation spell in the d20 System of Dungeons & Dragons, you must research the destination, create a teleportation circle, determine the probability of success and make it permanent. Creating a teleportation spell takes 10 minutes and requires "amber dust," a metamagic component that is purchased with points earned in the game.

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  1. Understand the location

    Teleportation spells need a very clear locale for transportation. Research the layout of the destination well enough so that you can conjure a clear mental image when getting ready to teleport. The potential distance is equivalent to 100 miles per caster level.

  2. Design the circle

    It is possible to bring along another willing medium or a selection of objects, so devise a circle big enough to accommodate such a load. Select an area that is easy to access but will not be easily activated by accident. Mark the circle with amber dust.

  3. Determine the success probability

    Roll the dice that come with the d20 System. "On target" signifies success, "off target" signifies safety but a random distance away and "similar area" means the area is thematically similar to the target. "Mishap" signifies damage to your character. The more familiar you are with the destination, the greater the probability of success.

  4. Make the circle permanent

    The teleportation circle can be used as a trap or for your own travel. To make it a permanent fixture, cast a permanency spell, which means the circle can only be deactivated for 10-minute intervals.

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