How Do You Create a Survival Bracelet?


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To create a survival bracelet, fold a 2-foot-long cord in half and tie its ends using an overhand knot. Make a series of knots using an 8-foot-long paracord around the other cord using an overhand knot. Slip the knot through the cord's loop.

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To prevent the ends of both the cords from fraying, melt them using a flame. Place the folded cord around your wrist, insert the ends of the cord through the loop created and tie the ends using an overhand knot, leaving a finger-space under it. Lay the cord on a flat surface. Lay the paracord perpendicular to the folded cord towards the loop end to form a "T," with its center falling under the folded cord.

Take the paracord's right arm over the folded cord towards the left to form a curvy "Z." Bring the paracord's left arm over the center of the "Z" and under the folded cord. Then, thread it between the folded cord and the paracord and slide it over the paracord. Pull both the ends of the paracord, leaving a part of the folded cord's loop exposed.

For the second knot, curve the paracord's left arm over the folded cord like an "S." Knot as for the first one, and repeat the process until approximately 1/4 inch above the overhand knot. Insert the overhand knot into the loop over your wrist to test the bracelet's fit. Cut the cord's ends and melt.

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