How Do You Create a Superhero Avatar?


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Visit a website such as Marvel.com, which permits users to create a superhero avatar free of charge. Choose the desired body type base. As of 2015, there are three: a muscular male, a slender male and a slender female.

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How Do You Create a Superhero Avatar?
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Decide whether you want to use a "hero pack" for one of the superheroes that fits the body style you chose with the base. For the muscular male base, the hero pack options are for Thing, Juggernaut and Hulk. If you don't want a pack but want more customization instead, follow the options that allow variations on the basis of skin type, head, upper and lower body and accessories. Accessories include neckwear, glasses, a belt, a tail and the logo. The avatar's background choice also is part of this decision. Insert your avatar's name in the field.

Once you've made your choices, use the drawing tools to complete the picture of your avatar. The tools include two thicknesses of pens and 60 different colors. The five different logoes are most likely to suit a hero of your avatar's gender are available as well. After you've finished your avatar, you have the option of saving your work to come back later, downloading it and printing it. You also have the option of emailing it to others.

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