How Do You Create Sand Art?


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To create sand art, pour different shades of colored sand into a clear bottle in layers until the bottle is full, and screw on the cap to hold the design in place. In addition to horizontal layers, you can create diagonal layers, pockets of separate colors and feathered designs.

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How Do You Create Sand Art?
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Begin by selecting a clear bottle or jar in your desired shape and size, and purchase or make your own colored sand in your desired shades. If making your own, add a few drops of food coloring to a bowl of sand, and mix until the color is distributed. To make a new color, mix two or more shades, and allow them to dry before creating sand art. Pour the sand into the bottle or jar using a funnel, creating layers of different shades until you reach the top. Place glue around the mouth of the container, and screw on the cap.

To make diagonal layers, tip the bottle to one side as you pour in the sand. To make pockets of different colors, add a layer of sand, and bore a pocket near the glass using a spoon. Pour in another color, and repeat the process around the edge of the bottle. For a feathered design, add two horizontal layers, and stick a wooden skewer into the sand near the glass, pulling it out slowly.

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