How Do You Create Print Art With Your Face?

One way to create print art with your face is to use a variation of Gyotaku, a traditional Japanese printing technique using water-based ink. Clean your face with mild soap and vinegar, and then paint your artwork on one cheek, and press a sheet of paper gently against it. Remove carefully to make your print.

Using safe, water-based inks and pigments, draw art on your face, and then print it onto paper by pressing your face against it. This method is a variation on Gyotaku painting and printing, in which an the artist makes an art print of a fresh fish by painting directly on the fish and applying paper to print the image.

To prepare, clean and dry the area of your face that you plan to paint. Apply safe pigments with brushes, sponges, vegetable and rubber stamps, and your fingers. To print, press your printing medium – paper, cloth or foam – to your face, or place the medium on a flat surface, lean over, and press the image onto the medium with gentle pressure. To release the print, hold the medium steady with both hands, and straighten up. To make a print of your whole face at one time, apply the art, and wrap the medium around your facing, pressing gently during printing.